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Concealable Armor. How to buy body armor (eBook) GET THIS GUIDE. The Police1 Concealable Armor product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching concealable armor, also known as Ballistic Vests, Concealable Carriers or Ballistic Armor. It covers a variety of carriers, vests and undergear .

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SafeGuard Armor Stealth PRO Concealed Bulletproof Vest Body Armor (Stab and Spike Proof Upgradeable) $540.00 $472.99. On Sale. Legacy Tactical Level IIIA Concealable Vest. $500.00 $349.99. On Sale. SafeGuard Armor HYBRID Concealed Bulletproof Vest (Stab and Spike Proof Upgradeable) $570.00 $494.99. On Sale.

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Introducing the most versatile ballistic vest to hit the market in years. The Concealable Armor Vest was designed to shine in ANY situation. Sleek enough to ... Body Armor / Bullet proof Vests

Exterior-wear vests for 3A and Rifle Plate protection in high threat environments. $199 / $ 249 Special on the LBT 6094. Shellback Patriot. Condor. Midwest Armor Concealable. Kevlar® Helmets. Canine Vests. A quality Level 3-A vest at an affordable price. Military and Police Helmets & …

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Concealable body armor allows the wearer to have protection wherever they go, without the funny looks from strangers. But what if I want to wear it over my clothes? That is fine! In fact, an concealable vest that offers full 3A protection such as ours, with a plate carrier and level 4 ICW plates worn at the same time, is probably the best ...

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The Concealable Armor Vest is easy to wear and easy to hide. Neither job allowed you to be armed, and both jobs made you a tempting target. I had to dress professionally but would've loved a concealable armor vest to feel a little bit safer. Especially since my employers didn't seem to care much about security and safety.

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Body Armor Vests; one of the most important pieces of equipment you can wear. Check Out Our Selection Of Concealable & Tactical Ballistic Vests. Free shipping over $500!

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Today's generation of concealable body armor can provide varying levels of protection to defeat most handgun rounds. It is the most widely used type of body armor, usually worn under the normal uniform shirt.

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The discreet concealable body armor stop a potential assassin from targeting the fatal and unprotected areas like the face. The multilayer material used in these concealable body armor are lighter, and expert-proven to be of the best quality to withstand various bullets types. These lighter materials are very helpful to allow one to return fire ...

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Full line of body armor including concealable carriers. Flexible, comfortable and guaranteed to fit under jackets or shirts.

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The EnGarde® DeLuxe™ concealable carrier system is one of our most popular products. The updated design of this soft armor panel carrier uses a moisture wicking fabric to diffuse pockets of body heat. This breathable carrier solution provides superior comfort even during extended wear in hot climates. The versatile fit of the DeLuxe ...

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Concealable Armor | Body Armor. The chance of being struck by a projectile is a daily occurrence for law enforcement officers. With this constant threat of danger, it is important that police have the most trusted ballistic protection available.

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The panel I chose was the Premier Body Armor Level IIIA 10×12 soft armor panel. It's rated to stop common handgun rounds up to a 44 Magnum. Premier has specially tested them against shotguns and SS197SR 5.7 rounds. It's also super light and thin, which is a plus when you are aiming for concealed body armor.

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Concealable Body Armor. Top Body Armor FeatherArmor™ Series – Balc/Spear Inserts. $ 29.00 – $ 79.00. Rated. 0. out of 5. 3rd day later if during the week, if on weekend, then on the next Wednesday. Select options. Quick View.

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At times body armor needs to be concealed. Concealable body armor is not limited to law enforcement or military personnel. Anyone that wants the added protection can purchase and wear concealed body...

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Serving Those Who Protect...Protecting Those Who Serve. 0 items $0.00. Login

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Easily Concealable. Our aramid Level 3A soft body armors are lightweight as well as thin. You can easily wear the armor under your shirt without adding any bulkiness to the overall body frame. Body Armor Plates. Apart from the complete Level IIIA body armor sets, we also offer a wide range of body armor …

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Concealable body armor is not limited to law enforcement or military personnel. Anyone that wants the added protection can purchase and wear concealed body armor in the U.S. so long as they are not a convicted felon. The best concealable bulletproof vest is The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. This vest is highly concealable.

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The advanced engineering and materialskeeps the ballistic armor snug against the torso while keeping the wearer cool and dry. When paired with our FLEX-PRO™ panels, the T-SHIRT™ series provides NIJ IIIA protection while maintaining a smooth, concealable exterior.

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BAO Tactical X-Series Level IIIA Concealable Vest. $434.00 $399.99. Add to wishlist. This BAO Tactical vest has a lead time of 4 to 5 weeks. If you need the item... US Armor Enforcer 5000 Series, Level II. $718.13. Add to wishlist. Enforcer 5000 Series - Level …

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Concealable Body Armor Configurator App. The MX4 is a concealable ballistic pattern which is designed with a contoured shape and structural bust cups to accommodate the anatomy while providing optimal ballistic coverage and around-the-clock comfort.

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TurtleSkin Body Armor signifies a new benchmark of performance in personal protection. This means better concealable protection above and beyond standard requirements. TurtleSkin SoftPlate™ technology offers superior performance, safety, durability, and comfort, and is designed to provide the highest level of blunt trauma protection.

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Concealable Body Armor. The concealable body armors are perfect for covert operations where the bodyguard/soldier needs to preserve his/her identity. Steel plate body armor is designed with special materials to retain a light feel and look so that it feels invisible to the naked eye.

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The best tactical gear and body armor with the highest quality and affordable prices. Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military gear and accessories. Body armor, police body vest, plate carriers, gloves, apparel, underwear, k-9 gear, dog harnesses and accessories.

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The Premier Body Armor Promise: Our rifle-rated armor plates will ALWAYS BE MADE IN THE U.S.A., be thinner, lighter, competitively priced, and have a longer warranty than any plate on the market!! STRATIS Level III+ Plate. 6 reviews. $369.95 $500.00. Sold out.

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Best Soft Armor for Civilians & Law Enforcement. 1. Safe Life Defense Level 3A Vest. A light and comfortable all-in-one solution that can be worn outside to be super concealable. Safe Life Defense Body Armor, Level 3A (R) and FRAS (L) Here's …

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Survival Armor: designs and creates concealable tactical body armor and transportation protection for law enforcement, military, and federal governments. They are located in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida and have brought together some of the best minds from the US ballistic protection industry combining well over 75 years of experience.

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CONCEALABLE BODY ARMOR • Repeat shape of women's body • Super-precise adjustment system • Verified 24 hours of wearing • Removable module side protection • Anti-microbial moisture wicking fabric CoolMax® • Built-in ventilation system • MIL-SPEC materials VPFTM Velcro Pro is designed for women who are looking for •

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Concealable Carrier with Armor. Be the first to review this product. In stock. SKU. Item# BP461 Mfg# STD20S. $449.99. Qty. Add to Cart. Wish List Compare. Details. The carrier and armor are designed to deliver extra comfort, enhanced flexibility, and less weight. Featuring six-point removable strapping system — constructed with neoprene ...

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Concealable body armor vest is a lightweight concealable body armor suitable for every day duty wear. At Security Pro USA we offers precision engineered to meet the highest industry standards for quality, reliability and safety.

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Security Pro USA is your #1 Trusted Source for Officer Supplies, Bulletproof Helmets, Bulletproof Vests, Body Armor, Riot Gear, Ballistic/Bulletproof Plates, Ballistic Shields, X-Ray Scanners, Metal Detectors, Scopes, Gas Masks, Optics, Security & Training Equipment, Outdoor & Survival Gear, Weapons Parts & Accessories

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Level IV Body Armor Plate SET of 2 (Model #1155) NIJ .06 Certified. 4.92 out of 5. Rated 4.92 out of 5. $ 270.00. Add to cart. Level IV Body Armor Plate (Model #1155mc) **10×12 Multi-Curve**. 4.71 out of 5. Rated 4.71 out of 5. Sale! $ 169.99 $ 159.99.

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Concealable Body Armor Gets More Comfortable. Elbeco's V1 External Vest Carrier lets officers wear their vests externally while maintaining a professional appearance. For decades, body armor companies have been working to make concealable ballistic vests that are lighter, cooler, more comfortable, and more likely to be worn by officers on patrol.

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See Options. Add to Wish list. Armor Express T-Shirt Concealable Ballistic Body Armor Carrier, a running shirt style that provides maximum mobility and comfort. Choose Carrier only or Carrier and Panels (Soft Armor), NIJ Certified - Level 2, or Level 3A Threat Levels. $188.00.

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Concealable Body Armor. GH Armor Ballistic Vests. National Association of State Procurement Officers (NAPSO) pricing to all LE Agencies. Ethos NIJ 06. Built for maneuverability, the Ethos series is a light and thin package offering maximum mobility for wherever the job may lead.

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Body Armor & Ballistics Plates Active Shooter Kits Concealable Armor Helmets View All Body Armor & Ballistics View All Body Armor & Ballistics Close. Holsters Duty Gear Duty Belts Accessories View All Duty Gear View All Duty Gear Close. Bags & Organizers Packs Gear Bags Storage & Protection View All Bags & Organizers View All Bags & Organizers ...

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Body armor, even if light and concealable, must be able to provide adequate protection while also fitting you properly. It is for you to decide whether you need this protection to safeguard ...